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Social Media Engagement

Nebraska Game & Parks was looking to inform and encourage people that “It’s never just about hunting….” …it’s about so much more. This popular campaign performed on various social media platforms.

Documentary Event Video

St. Monica’s in Lincoln, Nebraska help women overcome some of life’s most challenging struggles. Every year they host the most amazing fundraiser – its goal: to help the women they serve feel they are worth their recovery. Challenges, puzzles, adventures are all part of the fun for this successful event.

Facebook & Instagram Videos

Deer Springs Winery in Lincoln, Nebraska uses Social Media Videos to promote their special events through strategic posts using Facebook and Instagram. This Fall Fun video garnered thousands of views and organic shares and likes.

Media Training Production

We help with many Media Training sessions throughout the year. Either by using renting out our equipment, being the production facility to help with training or by providing our knowledge throughout the day.

Social Media Engagement

This is one of a few videos Nebraska Game & Parks produced to inform and encourage people that “It’s never just about hunting….” …it’s about so much more. This successful campaign spurred another round of videos to come out later this year.

Kickstarter Video Production

Video production for a Kickstarter Video can be a bit challenging… too polished and people feel their donations aren’t needed, too amateurish and you feel your money won’t be put to good use. This fundraising campaign was a total success for Charuth and Kevin at Shadowbrook Farms surpassing their goal and raising extra.

Event Video Production

A few years ago the Lincoln Secret Supper wanted their event recorded and shared with their members and advertisers. We spent the even documenting the amazing food and drinks that were prepared in an exciting venue.

Event Video Production

Sometimes we just need to document an event. Arts are Basic was a fundraiser to help raise money for the arts in Lincoln, Nebraska. Karen & Robert Duncan opened up their home for a ‘one time only’ event to help raise money and encourage the arts.

Video Production

Right Eye Digital is a full service, award-winning video production company that can help guide a client from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and final output. Whether you are looking for Professional Video or Broadcast Quality, we are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our clients. Not all production companies are alike.

We understand that there are plenty of small and medium sized businesses that don’t have buckets of money to spend on videography projects. That’s why we make it easy and affordable for the “little guy” to get work done quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We know how to get the best out of the different video processes so you can have the impact you need and still get the best value for your money.

We pride ourselves on the high standards we put into all our work. Whether you are in the market for television commercials, corporate videos, event videos or any other video project, Right Eye Digital will produce a product you will be proud to have represent your company and your clients.

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