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About Right Eye Digital

Right Eye Digital is a Marketing Design Production facility.
We bring ideas to life through thoughtful, creative design solutions.

What is Right Eye Digital?

Right Eye Digital has been around since the turn of the century… The company was born to provide Lincoln what it was missing.

A friendly alternative to those ‘huge’ corporate thinking advertising agencies. A place where companies, organizations and groups could go to get high quality marketing design production, without the hassle and at a fraction of the cost.

Right Eye Digital has experience in video production, web design, photography, social media and print design and we are always adding new forms of media to our expertise.

We are able to help guide clients through their project, no matter how large, from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the high standards we put into all our work. Right Eye Digital promises you will be proud of the the products we create to represent your company and your clients.

The Right Team

Kristian Anderson

Kristian Anderson

Video • Design • Web • Photography

Kristian is an award-winning producer with local, regional and national media awards to his credit. Besides his extensive knowledge in creating eye-catching and award-winning work, He provides an expansive knowledge of web content management systems and has worked in print design, web design, video production, and many other new media fields. His web designs and graphic work allow us to provide an unmatched quality of marketing output. Kristian has been working in marketing and advertising for more than 20 years and also serves as an adjunct professor in the Journalism College at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln teaching Introduction to Web Multimedia, Photography and Videography.

Callie Knapp

Callie Knapp

Web • Photography • Design

Callie’s photography has been featured in local and regional publications from Nebraska Trucker Magazine to L Magazine, as well as multiple websites. In addition, she has enjoyed a career as a web and graphic designer for over 10 years with Right Eye Digital. Her creative and imaginative eye allows an incomparable quality of work and innovative design understanding.

Callie enjoys volunteering her time and photo skills to the American Cancer Society’s local events. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Photo Journalism from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.


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